Backpacking in the Black Hills of South Dakota - 2004

Delightful backpacking trip to the Black Hill in October 2004.  Again this year was Mike McLaughlin, Bill Black, and Wayne Culp.  This year we started with a trip throuigh western Nebraska.  First, stopping to see Carhenge in Alliance, then we stayed the first two nights at Bill's cabin outside of Custer, S.D.  We spent Monday watching the Custer State Park annual buffalo roundup.  Then we hit the Centenial Trail which was less than a mile from the cabin.

They were trying to drive the buffalo through a gate to the right.  Notice however that several of those in the foreground are headed the wrong way.  The one on the left was fiesty and actually got away.

Nice view of the we were to hike.  The Needles and Harney Peak are on the right hand side.

Deer came up to Bill's backyard in the morning and evening.  One of the does on the left even got protective and stomped and hissed at Mike. 

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